Të gjitha shenjat e horoskopit kanë të mirat dhe të metat e tyre.

Kësaj radhe, vëmendjen e marrin peshoret, pasi do të tregojmë disa ide tatuazhesh që i përshtaten shumë mirë kësaj shenje.

Personat e kësaj shenje njihen si persona rigoroz, pëlqejnë intelektualizmin dhe u pëlqen baraspesha në jetë.

Më poshtë jua sjellim disa nga tatuazhet më të mira për peshoret që ju patjetër nuk do t’i urreni:

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Heavy soul ~ on @minnahigh, done by @mackrotattoos · Stuttgart 🇩🇪

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𝒦+🥀Dear Krista, One thing I can’t off my mind: you filled out the appointment form of “Traveling or NYC Local?” with “Near or in NYC.” When I asked where you had commuted from, you casually said “Pittsburg”. I asked, “What brings you to New York for the weekend?” You paused and told me honestly, “For this tattoo.” Then unenthusiastically added, “I have a wedding tomorrow to attend.” Thinking about my own slew of oncoming wedding attendances, I laughed and inquired, “Where’s the wedding? Somewhere nice?” You replied, “Oh it’s back in Pittsburg.” I remember my utter disbelief when I connected the dots, reconfirming, “So you just landed, came for the tattoo, and then you’re planning to fly back out after this tattoo?” “I didn’t think you would pick me,” you laughed. On Monday, October 7th, a client got cold feet and cancelled her slot on Friday, October 11th at 1PM. That evening, I posted about the newly available slot, and I received your submission amongst 42 others. When I read your story of assault and the consequential, plaguing mental illnesses, I felt your hesitation and anxiety in disclosing such a traumatic past to me. The word choice: simple but so heavy. The sentence structure: fluctuating lengths to indicate unfamiliarity and hesitation in thought. It hit me then. I'm someone you’ve never met, but you trusted me with a secret that’s changed your life and gave me such freedom to commemorate your story in your first tattoo. Such an incredible amount of trust led me to DM you on Thursday at 11AM, the DAY BEFORE the appointment as I thought you were a NYC local. You not only confirmed, you consulted clearly & sent a deposit within the next three hours, BUT YOU ALSO asked your cringy boss for time off, BOOKED A FLIGHT for the next day, and packed the perfect clothes to wear for your FIRST tattoo. To be honest, I’m glad the previous client had cold feet, because by a series of amazing events and sheer willpower, we met, and we changed each other for the better. I really enjoyed our conversations and please be my friend when Pokemon Sword & Shield come out! A rose for you, a K for your sister 👭. Thank you so much, so so much. Always yours, Ghinko

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